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What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal are the currently accepted methods of payment.

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted on all domestic (US) and Canada orders, and all international orders under $250.
  • PayPal is accepted on all orders and is the required payment method for international purchases over $250

The Family utilizes industry best practices in ecommerce security -  payment information is never stored, and all order details are transmitted using the current standard in data encryption.  

For Credit/Debit Card payments, PLEASE READ:

For the safety of our customers, our in house security standards exceed that of most credit card companies. Your credit card company may approve a transaction even if the billing address is incorrect, the security code is invalid, or the order is shipping to a destination other than your billing address. For your protection, we typically require accuracy for all of these security checks. If you know there will be a mis-match of information (For example, you have recently moved and not yet changed your billing address, your credit card company does not participate in security checks, or your destination address is not your billing address), please consider using PayPal instead. If this security information cannot be verified, we will likely require payment via PayPal to process your order.

For PayPal payments, PLEASE READ:

Many of our customers appreciate the option to use PayPal as a secured payment method. However, PayPal does not protect all parties involved unless the shipping address on your payment matches the address on your order. Before checkout, please ensure the shipping address on your order matches the shipping address on your payment. This may involve adding the shipping address to your PayPal account prior to checkout. If, upon receipt of your payment, the addresses do not match, we may cancel the payment and require it to be resent with the shipping address on your order.