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Tabara Racing

Tabara Racing Development has a long heritage in the racing industry, founded in the early 1980s by Mark Tabara. Mark entered his first boat race in 1968 with a 10' hydroplane sporting a 20hp Chrysler outboard - and was forever hooked to speed on water. In 1987 Mark entered his first Twin City Power Boat Association (TCPBA) race, starting a family tradition that extends to this day. Mark's sons, Steve and Brian have since taken over the family racing team, with Mark still serving as a crew member.


Over the last decade Tabara Racing has won several regional and national championships, recently capturing the 2015 Formula 150 National Championship title.

Meet the Drivers


Brian Tabara pilots the teams #5 Formula 1/Formula150 boat entry in 2016 and brings 16 years of boat racing experience with him.  Coming off another strong season in which he posted 25 heat race wins and 12 overall wins between Formula 2 and Formula 150, Brian is the 2015 TCPBA Formula 2 Racing Series champion and earned US2 in APBA National High Points. Brian has built engines which have won over 25 national championships in multiple classes worldwide. Regarding the 2016 season, Brian says, "I'm very excited and look forward to concentrating on piloting the Tabara Racing entrée to another American Power Boat Association National Championship."


Detroit Lakes 2016 - Formula 150


Jessica Olson pilots the Formula 3/SST 60 Super Stock #15. Jessica came off strong in 2015 with 3 race wins, a 3rd place finish in APBA National High Points, and 2nd place finish for the TCPBA series points standings. Jess is excited for the 2016 season and looks to continue her development to add more podium and race wins.

Steve Tabara pilots the teams #23 Formula 1/Formula 150 race boat.  Between powerboats and cars, Steve brings 15 years of racing experience to the team.  In 2016 Steve had one of the best seasons of his career, adding his 3rd consecutive and 4th overall APBA Formula 150 National High Point championship and the title of 2016 Formula 150 North America Champion. Also the 4 time reigning TCPBA Racing Series Formula 150 Champion, Steve is noted for his aggressive driving style and consistent podium finishes.  Steve looks forward to continuing to keep #23 on the podium in 2017.


The Machines

Formula 2

  • Lightweight (1100 lbs with driver) 16’ Tunnel Hull Race Boat constructed by Pugh Boat Works in Knoxville, TN
  • V6 SST 120 (120 Cubic Inch; 215 HP) 2.0 Liter 2 Stroke Mercury Racing Engine (285 lbs for Engine)
  • 0-100 in 5.5 Seconds
  • Race Top Speed: 115 MPH
  • Record Top Speed: 124.69 MPH


SST 60 (Super Stock)

  • Lightweight (855 lbs with driver) 14.5’ Tunnel Hull Race Boat constructed by Pugh Boat Works in Knoxville, TN
  • SST 60 Super Stock Racing 2 Stroke Evinrude Racing Engine (60 Cubic Inch; 3 Cylinder 135 HP)
  • Race Top Speed: 85 Mph
  • Record Top Speed:   94.18MPH


Outboard Performance Craft Racing

OPC racing features some of the biggest, most powerful outboard engines in Powerboat racing.  OPC engines can range from off the shelf production engines to heavily modified, high tech engines built for world record speed. Today's most high tech OPC race boats can run from a dead engine start, and go 0-100mph in as little as 3.5 seconds.


Tunnel Hull Boats

These lightweight, aero-dynamic boats can hit speeds up to 135+ MPH. Measuring 12-17' they're named "tunnel boats" after the tunnel formed between two sponsons that run the length of the hull . A lifting effect (as opposed to a grounding effect) results as the air is rammed through the tunnel at high speeds, helping to accelerate the boat to its optimum running speed and angle, leaving it delicately balanced at what drivers call the "ragged edge".  Tunnel boats are powered by outboard motors up to 325hp. Weighing only 250lbs, these lightweight hulls are constructed of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or a special hardwood called "Okoume". has been a proud sponsor of Tabara Racing for over a decade, providing hard to find NGK, Champion and Denso spark plugs.

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