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How Long Do Iridium Plugs Last?

September 30, 2012

A traditional IX iridium plug such as NGK ZFR6FIX-11 has an iridium center electrode, however the ground electrode is a traditional nickel construction.  Therefore, the ground electrode will wear out first. NGK gives them a life expectancy of 40-50k miles.  But they have to temper their projections as driving conditions and motor modifications differ.  Typically we have found you can expect 60,000 to 80,000 miles on an unaltered motor.

NGK Laser Iridium plugs have iridium center and a platinum ground electrodes. If installed in a regular engine, they would likely last longer than most people keep their car (barring any motor problems that can cause premature plug death).  All Laser Iridium plugs are an OEM design, made for a specific engine.  Some feature a special resistor or electrode design, depending on the OE requirements.  In their OE application, NGK's Laser Iridium plugs typically last 80-100k miles.



Dec. 16, 2017
it last 199000 mile in my 2005 toyota avalon when i replace old and new looks same not much diffrence in gap.


Sep. 3, 2017
Have OE NGK in my 2011 Nissan Sentra 147,000 no problem yet. iridium plugs. Might replace them soon if I have too. Excellent plugs

Rick Diaz

Jul. 8, 2017
Installed second set of NGK Laser Platinum PFR7S8EG on 2015 Audi allroad with 2.0 TFSI at 60k miles (36k on this set of plugs). Use Shell premium gas with a can of Seafoam, Marvel Mystery Oil, or Starbrite Startron fuel additive from time to time. Mostly highway driving. Heat range on side electrode was correct, center electrode color and condition were normal, and there was light coat of dry, black carbon on base ring just over one full turn. Noticed new replacement set of the exact same plugs came gapped between .028" and .032" so left them as is. Also noticed plugs did not feel tightly seated upon removal so recommend rechecking 22' lbs torque after a few miles. I am going to schedule the changes for 35k miles.


May. 5, 2017
Finally changed my plugs at 150k miles on our 2002 Lexus LX470. They rock!

l. overbes

Feb. 9, 2017
My car is a 2007 Pontiac Gr Prix and it has about 90000 miles and it seems to run great I don't expect to change the plugs for a least another 15000 miles
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