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Learning Center

Tapered vs. Gasket Seat

Spark plug seats are not interchangeable... Read More

Does a Spark Plugs Hex Size Matter?

A plugs hex size determines the socket required for installation... Read More

How is a Spark Plugs Reach Calculated?

A spark plugs reach is calculated by the length of the threads... Read More

How are Spark Plug Threads Measured?

A spark plugs threads are comprised of three dimensions... Read More

Spark Plug Insulator Design

What is the spark plug insulators purpose? Read More

Rolled vs. Cut Threads

A spark plugs manufacturing process affects installation and structural integrity... Read More

Common Spark Plug Problems

Let's explore three common problems in the firing sequence... Read More

What is an Inductive Resistor?

In an inductive resistor design, a coiled nickel wire is inserted into the stem and held in place by a spring... Read More

What is the Difference Between NGK ES and ECS Spark Plugs?

NGK ES and ECS spark plugs may have identical specifications when it comes to shell dimensions... Read More

Why Do NGK Plugs Have Two Numbers?

Many spark plug brands, including NGK, have two different ID numbers assigned to spark plugs... Read More

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