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Learning Center

How to Protect Yourself Against a Drunk Driver

What to watch for, and how to handle impaired drivers. Read More

MAP vs. MAF—What’s the difference?

Anyone who’s been around cars a while will inevitably hear the acronyms “MAP” or “MAF”, which refer to specific types of sensors in the intake. Pretty much every car we buy today has factory computers that take the readings... Read More

5 Tips to a Clean Car Interior

Keeping your car clean doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, if you get into a regular routine of washing your vehicle, you’ll not only preserve the life of the car, but it’s overall value as well... Read More

How Can I Get NGK Stickers?

Stickers are now available directly from our site! Read More

How Can I Get Technical Support?

I have a question about an NGK product or the correct parts for my vehicle, where can I find assistance? Read More

NGK Numbering Systems

How do I interpret NGK's numbering systems? Read More

How Do I Order an NGK Catalog?

NGK catalogs may be available on our site... Read More

How Can I Get Sponsored?

NGK only accepts sponsorship resumes from August 1st through November 30th... Read More

Proper Gapping Instructions

Proper gapping instructions... Read More

Promotions and Specials

Check out our current specials! Read More

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