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Learning Center

What Plugs Should I Use with Marine CDI?

Do not use a standard resistor type plug on an outboard marine motor with CDI... Read More

Should I Gap My Plugs?

Yes. A spark plugs gap directly affects the tip temperature and the voltage necessary to fire the plug.... Read More

What is a Spark Plugs Heat Range?

The term heat range refers to the speed with which a plug can transfer heat from the combustion chamber to the engine head... Read More

NGK Spark Plug Metal Types

What are the various metal types used in NGK spark plugs? Read More

What are Copper Core Spark Plugs?

Almost all spark plugs use a copper cored center electrode to conduct the electricity, jump the gap, and promote heat dissipation... Read More

NGK Center Electrode Designs

Center electrodes come in a variety of shapes and sizes... Read More

NGK Ground Electrode Designs

Ground electrodes come in a variety of shapes and sizes... Read More

What is a Resistor Spark Plug?

Resistor spark plugs prevent interference with electronic equipment... Read More

Spark Plug Terminal Types

Spark plugs are manufactured with three different terminal configurations... Read More

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