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What Effect do Fuel Additives and Injector Cleaners Have on Oxygen Sensors?

Will injector cleaners or fuel additives harm oxygen sensors? Read More

How do I Test an Oxygen Sensor?

How do I test an oxygen sensors performance to know if it needs to be replaced? Read More

Project E46 BMW M3 - Part 1 - Tune-Up and Testing on MotoIQ and MotoIQ partner up in the tech-hungry site's much anticipated Project E46 BMW M3! Check out how... Read More

How Do I Find a Colder or Hotter Plug?

Each spark plug has a unique heat range. How can you find a plug that is a hotter or colder heat range?... Read More

Heat Range Conversion Chart

Heat Range Conversion Chart Read More

Engine Displacement Conversion Chart

Engine Displacement Conversion Chart Read More

How Long Will NGK Iridium Plugs Last?

NGK IX Iridium plugs are given a life expectancy of 40-50k miles, while their OEM Laser Iridium plugs typically last 80-100k miles... Read More

How Can I Find a High Performance Equivalent to My Regular Plug?

The best way to find a high performance equivalent is by using the application search... Read More

What is the Proper Gap Setting for My Vehicle?

After completing an application search and selecting a spark plug, the “vehicle info” tab on the product detail page... Read More

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