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10 Trick Fixes for High Mileage Cars

Behold the power of a tune-up! In this two part series, MotoIQ discusses 10 things to improve a car's engine performance and fuel economy.


Part 1 - Vehicle Interior: Fresh Plugs & Filters, Fluid Change

Using Modified by KC's Dynojet 424x, a dyno run is performed before life resuscitating measures are taken. With a baseline on the record, MotoIQ's Pablo Mazlumian swaps out the spark plugs for a fresh set of Pulstars, replaces the accessory belt, drivetrain fluids, filters and oxygen sensors. An end of day dyno shows horsepower and torque improvements.


Part 2 - Vehicle Exterior: Tires & Wheels, LED Lighting

Gas mileage gains resulting from part 1 are revealed before delving into the next 5 steps: New tires, brake pads and rotors, interior and exterior lighting upgrades.